Rubbish training

So why is my training going so rubbish at the moment? I should be panicking, I have a 100k race in 4 weeks time and I’ve done about 20 miles in the last week. Pitiful.

I was doing so well up until May / June. I did my 40 miler, where I of course twisted my ankle but I rested a few weeks and even ran a sub-4 marathon in Liverpool. but soon enough I started having big problems with my knee (the usual suspect) and after my next marathon mid-June where I had to do running repairs to a screaming fibula head I just backed off. I know I needed to – I had to fix my knee, but I really should have started to build my running back up again by now. I should have done two 3.5 hr+ runs in the last 2 weeks, but I just can’t be motivated. Work doesn’t help – I don’t get away to run my regular club sessions, but I never really let that get in the way if I am motivated.

Anyway, I’m really not minded to give up on the SVP100, I’ve raised a lot of money for charity already so have a lot of motivation to do the race. I just can’t understand my inertia at the training required to get there! I’m on holiday the next 2 weeks, so that’s not my best time, but I am going to take my running kit with me.

Maybe the delightful environment of the Isle of Wight will motivate me – I damn hope so for my own sake come 16th August!